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COMPAC 350 laser - cnc milling machine

5-axis table machine for precise small part processing!imes-icore COMPAC 350 Laser

The processing system COMPAC 350 laser is a new machine concept, which got all of the modern requirements for processing jewelery.
The processing of all relevant blank materials like gold, silver, stainless steel, titanium, zirconium dioxide, plastics, wax or other block materials and new future materials is possible without any restrictions on a single machine system.

The modern and optimized machine kinematics, with the high angles of the 5 axles of more than 30°, allows milling and grinding in wet and dry processing in high quality. This makes the system an all-rounder for sophisticated jewelery making. The optional zero point clamping system allows a simple blank change via a touch of a button.



  • casing with protection glass
  • preparation for aspiration device
  • z-axis height-adjustable
  • 20W Ytterbium Faserlaser
  • galvanometer Scanner (up to 150x150mm marking- and engraving surface)
  • integrated Pilot Laser
  • marking speed up to 8 m/s with Galvo-Scanner Head
  • no postprocessing needed
  • connection to regular pc by USB connection
  • including inscription software



  • Visible Pilot Laser for an exact positioning
  • Camera für alignment and display
  • Different Galvo-Scanner-lentils


Laser unitimes-icore COMPAC 350 Laser milling example

  • Laser type: Ytterbium Faser Laser (air-cooled)
  • Nominal power: 20W
  • Wave length: 1064μm
  • Modulation frequency: 35kHz


Typical materials

  • metals
  • plastics
  • leather
  • wood
  • ceramics
Technical dataCOMPAC 350 Laser
Machine dimensions (W x D x H) in mm758  x 790 x 857
Machine weight in kg approx. 180
Travel ranges (X / Y / Z / A / B) in mm250 / 130 / 90 / 360° / +30 to -90°
Travel speed in m/min 6
Repetition accuracy in mm± 0.01 
Drive type Servo motors
Drive elements (X / Y / Z)Ball screw, adjustable without play 
Guides Precision profile rail guides
Connection voltage 16 A / 110-240 V
CNC controller 5-axis Logosol
Operation CNC operating panel with 12" touchscreen monitor
and operating keys
Software WIN® Remote


Additional Information

Travel ranges in mm250 x 130 x 90
Table clamping area WxD in mmNo
Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm758 x 790 x 857
Z-clearance in mmNo
Weight in kgapprox. 180
Speed range (X/Y/Z)6 m/min
Repetition accuracy± 0,01 mm
Drive motorsServo motors
GuidesPrecision profile rail guides
Drive elements (X/Y/Z)Ball screw, adjustable without play
Connection voltage16 A 110/-240 V
Control5-axis Logosol
OperationCNC operating panel with 12" touchscreen monitor and operating keys
Typical materialsAcrylic, Ceramic, Circuit board material, Ferrous metals, Graphite, Materials for medical engineering, Non-ferrous metals, Plastic such as PMMA/composites, Plastics, Plate materials, Stainless metals
Application examplesAerospace industry, Display engraving, Display production, Electrical industry, Medical engineering, Multi-sided processing (with 4th axis) , Rapid prototyping, Small part processing




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